Fancy a haircut next to a lady having her face shaved?                                                                                                                What about a young lady escorting a family through a bath-house full of old men?                                                           Or introducing cold roast lamb to a farming family and experiencing their reaction. 

Assigned to Japan in the 1970s was an eye opener for the young Urquhart family. They soon came to appreciate that beneath the westernised façade, Japan was still very much a country of ongoing traditions, culture, business forms and cuisine. All had been a part of Japanese life for centuries.

Persimmons drying in autumn

Based on a selection of letters written between 1974-85, Meet Japan is a journey of enlightenment as John and Lois delved into their particular areas of interest: ranging from the countryside and mountain villages, the hustle and bustle of cities, traditional business relationships, the evolution of Japanese diet and Australia’s contribution to a food revolution.

‘Why is it so?’ became the common thread of enquiry.